- *The Altar* -


'The Altarpiece', 2013-2014. 130 x 75cm
( Oil, Tempera, Gesso, Gold leaf, Pine-wood, Lime, Wallnut )

Inspired by historical works and decorative design from a wide range of eras and cultures - It employs the format of a folding triptych, typically used in religious altarpieces to create a pastiche of styles and themes.



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Production and detail photographs:

Close ups on miniature portraits - Angels; Ayako and Costa.
Faces are one inch high roughly.
Oil on Gesso


Panel painting process / Oil on Gesso on Birch Ply


Carved, Decorative pieces - Oiled before assembly




Foreground: walnut, carved, Forced perspective arches
Background: model for decorative carving and other frame elements, Plasticine


Oil on Gesso panel


Oil on Gesso panel


Wood turning - Barley Twist Pilars in Limewood



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